Teddy Bears Picnic

At the end of every summer term Beckett House holds a teddy bears’ picnic is the local park and children’s playground. This usually starts about midday and all parents and children are invited along with ex parents and children who will have been at Beckett House since 1996. It is an occasion when we say goodbye those that are leaving for ‘big’ school and enjoy the stories of children that left some time ago and have gone on to greater things.

Open Day

This is held on a Saturday morning during the summer term. It is an opportunity for the children to show their parents, grandparents and extended family ‘their’ nursery school. We serve fresh warm croissant with orange juice and water. (David is still looking into a serious coffee machine).

Parents' Evenings

These are during the spring and autumn terms between 6.00 and 8.00pm and all members of staff are usually present. These evenings are an opportunity for you to view your child’s development file, discuss their progress with their key worker and meet other parents and staff. ‘Picky Bits’ with wine or water are always available.