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Beckett House Montessori

home from home where your children learn.

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Ofsted Outstanding nursery Islington N1
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Montessori accredited

"We believe education is important... we believe language, the command of numbers and social behaviour are important... but more than anything, we believe your children should be happy and confident and enjoy every moment of their time at nursery school."

Beckett House Montessori is an 'Outstanding' rated, and Montessori 'MEAB' accredited, family run preschool.  It is a calm and comfortable environment, where ages 2¼ to 5 play together in one room that is divided into the different Montessori areas, such as: language and math, art, etc.  Children are free to choose their Montessori activities, with support from specialist staff.  Care is child centered, and our attentive teachers have stayed here for years.  Key workers especially relate to their assigned children.  We work in partnership with parents, meeting once per term, and speaking throughout.  Our hours are flexible, with extra curricular activities included in the fee.

Not so much a school...

More a home-from-home where your children learn

The focus of Beckett House Nursery School is to provide the best possible environment for the children who attend.

The nursery offers Montessori education in a very calm, safe, warm, home from home environment, where children

aged between two and a quarter to five years play and learn together.

Through continuous observations and a tailored approach, we strive to meet each child's needs

with emphasis on hands-on independent learning.

This encourages children's natural curiosity and helps them to learn by doing things for themselves and with other children.

In addition to the Montessori philosophy we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) The principles underlying the EYFS are ones with which Montessori teachers are familiar and which they enthusiastically endorse.

Beckett House Montessori Nursery School has been established to give young pre-school children a very sound introduction to education. We believe that it is important for your child to spend this transitional period in a 'home from home' environment where the staff are experienced, friendly and responsible and the school safe, warm and welcoming.

Individual attention

Children are welcomed from the age of two and a quarter. Much time will be spent initially in accommodating the children and their individual needs while carefully introducing them to the concept of 'school' with its classroom layout, educational materials and daily routines.

A love for learning creates confidence in their own abilities

The curriculum is varied and follows the Montessori philosophy. The children are encouraged at all times to experience, to experiment and above all to develop a love for learning.  The high ratio of staff to children, on average one to six, allows much one-to-one encouragement and guidance and ensures that the children are offered the best opportunity to find faith in themselves and to reach their full potential.  The school also offers dance, music, drama, yoga and sport as part of the extracurricular activities, all of which, are included in the fees.

Home-cooked food

Lunch is home-cooked, prepared from fresh ingredients in our own kitchen. All meals are nutritionally balanced and varied and we can accommodate most dietary needs. The school will not provide sugar, sweets or crisps. Fresh and dried fruit, milk and low-sugar biscuits, will be given at snack time.

A Brief History

Beckett House is a Montessori Nursery School situated in Barnsbury, in Islington, North London, N1.


We opened in January 1996 since when we have established ourselves as one of the most popular nursery schools in the area with a somewhat esoteric appeal; with most of our current children being here due to recommendations from previous parents.

The head teacher and the core members of staff are Montessori qualified and those with other qualifications offer the advantages of their own particular training within the guidance of the head.


Parents maintain it is its ‘home from home’ nature that sets Beckett House apart from other nurseries.


Learning is a key ingredient in its philosophy but so is care, nurturing, discipline, parental involvement, family values and an encouragement to embrace the world and all its wonders.


Many children move on to some of the best schools in London and since 2006 some of its first ever children have been coming back for their work experience; tall, clever and just amazing!




Without hesitating I would recommend this nursery - the staff are fantastic, the fact it's family run also gives you a warm caring feeling rather than staff just doing their job. We were overjoyed to see our child playing in the beautiful garden squares and playgrounds of Islington. The children all seem really happy when you drop off and pick up, they make really good use of every inch of space in the nursery. I would definitely give 10 out of 10 in all areas and if we have a third child will 100% put their name down.

Georgina H

Daily Timetable




Arrival time for all-day children

8:30 to 11:30am

Montessori and Circle Time

8.30- 11.30am

Free-flow snack time

As the school does not have its own playground or large garden, every effort is made to visit the local Islington parks as often as possible (such as: Lonsdale Square and Barnard Park). Most of these have play areas that are protected by wardens. The staff to child ratio is increased to one to two for these excursions to ensure each child's maximum safety.


Circle time or group activity

Topical (seasonal or project work)

Extra Curricular classes-

dance, music, drama, yoga, or sport.




Collection time for morning children

1:15 - 2:00pm

Rest time for all day children
The school provides mattresses, pillows and blankets.

Daily Timetable



Arrival time for afternoon children

2.15- 4pm

Montessori and Circle Time

2.15- 4.30pm

Free-flow snack time


Music & Story Time


Physical activity:
Music & Movement, Song & Dance or Climbing Frame.


Collection time for afternoon children


Collection time for all day children

Beckett House reserves the right to alter timetables without notice.

Term Dates

Autumn Term

Monday 9th September to Friday 20th December 2024

Spring Term

Monday 6th January to Friday 11th April 2025

Summer Term

Tuesday 22nd April to Friday 15th August 2025

Opening Hours and Fees

All fees include extra-curricular activities and there are no extra costs

Flexibility: Choose any number and configuration of morning and afternoon sessions.

Discounts: Eligible children receive discounts under the government's tax free or tax credit childcare and voucher schemes, and Nursery Education Grant Scheme (NEG).  The Nursery Education Grant Scheme gives a discount for 38 weeks per year and is applicable to all children whose third birthday fell in the previous term.  There is nothing parents need to do; Beckett House make all the arrangements and whatever money we receive for each child we deduct from your fee request.  Additionally, and depending on personal circumstances, this scheme has been extended both to 30 hours per week and to two year old children.  However, for both these categories, parents will need to make an application to the local council.  Apply for tax free childcare through the government website.     

Invoices are issued per half term.

Places are reserved once a £75 registration fee is paid, plus a deposit equal to four week's fees. 

If you wish to cancel your place, please let us know one term in advance.

Please note:  Once your deposit is received the fees pertaining at that time will remain the same for the length of time your child is at Beckett House and apart from exceptional circumstances (which has only happened once in the last 25 years) the hourly rate you pay will not increase. So it makes sense to pay your deposit, which is refundable, as soon as possible in case there is a subsequent increase in the hourly rate.

Hours & Fees

Full day

8.30am- 5.30pm

All-day places will include morning and afternoon snacks and a cooked lunch.

9am- 1.15pm

Morning sessions will include snack and a cooked lunch.


2.15pm- 5pm

Afternoon sessions will include a light snack.

Beckett House reserves the right to alter fees without notice.

Arrange to meet us

Register to join

Contact: 98 Richmond Avenue, Barnsbury,

Islington,  London, N1 0LL.

We are conveniently situated near to: Upper Street, Caledonian Road and Angel.

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